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>> >>>My experience has been that whenever you mention moths, people 
>> >>>immediately want to know if their clothes will be eaten.  They 
>> >>>think most moths eat clothes.
>> Here in Denmark, "moths eating clothing" is also history, however in
>> Copenhagen the "problem" is increasing due to humid and closed houses
>> with little ventilation (save energy!). But he clothes moths is still
>> considered quite rare, and many microlep collectors have never found
>> them.
>Incidentally. I too have encountered this "moths eat clothes" myth.
>The other one is "All caterpillars eat cabbage".
>My local newspaper ran a story a while ago about someone finding 
>an Elephant Hawkmoth caterpillar. It was displayed in a photograph sitting
>by a cabbage leaf. (ARGH!)

"ARGH!" is right!!

Of course the reporter did not bother to check his reference material - 
if he had any - or to check with an entomologist.  That attitude relative 
to a medical problem would get someone killed.

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