unknown spider/insect bit

Daniel & Monica Glaeske daniel.monica.glaeske at sk.sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 21 15:39:03 EDT 1998

Semjase wrote:
> This really does sound like a bacterial infection and possible necrosis caused
> by a venom.  Why wait for an ID it would be better to start treatment as it
> could turn sour later.

I agree.  I have seen two or three reactions like this here in
Saskatchewan.  The fiddler, or brown recluse spider has been reported
for this area but not common and may just temporarily colonize the
area.  However, there are several atypical bacteria that can be
introduced through the skin by an insect bite, sliver, thorn, etc. such
as <Erysopelothrix rhusiapathae>, some strains of <Pseudomonas>I have
seen many insect bites/stings which become secondarily infected.  Many
species of blood-sucking arthropods inject a thrombolytic agent which
can cause localized hemorrhage, necrosis, and skin sloughing, providing
a perfect medium for bacteria.  I'd use a relatively broad-spectrum
antibioitic with anaerobic coverage. 


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