luna cocoons and cynthia ova

WILLIAM OEHLKE - 420 oehlkew at
Wed Jul 22 14:08:46 EDT 1998

Luna cocoons ($2.50 U.S.) to emerge in 2-3 weeks and freshly laid 
cynthia ova ($3.00/dozen) are available now.  Postage and handling 
fee of $5.00 is applicable.

Bill Oehlke, Box 476, Montague, P.E.I., Canada C0A 1R0
Bill Oehlke
Box 476
Montague,P.E.I., Canada, C0A 1R0
Phone: 902-838-3455 H; 902-838-0860 W
Fax: 902-838-0866
email:  oehlkew at

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