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Doug stelenes at
Tue Jul 28 20:45:46 EDT 1998

What a garbage dump of ascii code I also received using netscape communicator ver.
4.05.  Please understand that sending graphics to the list is rude because it causes

some list members considerable expense and time to download.

Wasn't it previously agreed that no images should be sent to the list, but that www
addresses as references for those interested in browsing the images is super?  If
so, can the Yale server be programmed not to forward all attachments?
Saludos.  Doug.
Douglas David Dawn
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Altitude 910 meters
Sylvania Pinus-Quercus
"Please remember David Douglas on the anniversary of his death, found in a bull pit
in Hawaii, July 24, 1834, while botanizing."

Doug Yanega wrote:

> >The picture came through fine on my browser.  Maybe there's a problem with your
> >browser or ISP.  It's a pity such hilarious comments were wasted on a problem
> >that doesn't exist.
> Actually, there are a LOT of us whose mail readers are NOT browsers, but
> mail readers, and most regular old mail readers can't handle included
> mime-encrypted stuff. I, too, had three enormous files of pure garbage to
> delete from my drive.
> The problem exists, all right.
> Peace,
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>         is the true method" - Herman Melville, Moby Dick, Chap. 82

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