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Doug Yanega dyanega at
Wed Jul 29 13:25:27 EDT 1998

>I was wondering if
>     sending things like pictures as an attachment would solve the
>     problem.  Those that can cope with them can then do so without
>     having to get to a web site.  Those that can't shouldn't then end
>     up with a jumbled mail, they just don't need to open the
>     attachment.

It would only make it a little easier to throw in the trash, in that it
would be one huge file rather than several big ones (actually, for folks
like me where attachments are diverted into a separate folder, it is
*harder* to delete, since I have to open the folder and drag the thing to
the trash).
        It isn't a matter of *opening* the attachment (many of us couldn't
anyway if we're Mac users and the sender was on a PC, for example) so much
as receiving the thing in the first place, especially for people who pay by
the byte. Still takes time to load, takes up space on the hard drive and
the server, still has to be deleted manually, and *really* should not be
done except on a person-to-person basis. Simple enough.

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