U.S. Butterfly ( & Moth) Lists/New BF Books

Wanda Dameron be496 at lafn.org
Thu Jul 30 13:17:50 EDT 1998


	My most sincere apologies for not citing the correct agency on my
recent post for the wonderful butterfly information, pictures and county
checklists.  Just discovered it also has moths and lots of other info,
so again urge checking out:


The CORRECT AGENCY responsible is: U.S. Geological Survey, Biological
Resources Division, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center,
Jamestown, SD.

I suspect when Paul Opler says he "helped put the site together," he is
being modest and probably was the prime motivator and contributor.  He
reports most of the information comes from Ray Stanford, Harry Pavulaan,
and him with photos from many sources.

NOTE:  They are always looking for photos of species not represented on
the site, including early stages.

NEW BUTTERFLY BOOKS:   You may also be interested in the fact that a new
format version of Paul Opler's eastern field guide is out with
corrections, all NABA common names, enhanced plates, and 100 color
photos of butterflies scattered through the text.   His western peterson
guide to replace the Tilden and Smith book will be in the same format
and will be out in spring' 99.    Hooray!

Again, mea culpa.     

		Cheers,	 Wanda Dameron, Los Angeles, Ca.
                         be496 at lafn.org
                         LANABA, Lep./Lorquin/Xerces Soc.
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