Elephant Hawk Moth

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Gareth Morgan schrieb in Nachricht
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>My son has 'rescued' what I think is an elephant Hawk Moth larva.
>Unfortunately it was wandering around the beach (in Cyprus) so is probably
>infected with parasites. Does anyone know what plant it feeds off?  I'd
>to give it an even chance if possible.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have already scoured the
>and found lots of info on Sphingidae but not on the larva food plants.
>from sunny (and sweltering) Cyprus
>gmorgan at cytanet.com.cy

Dear Gareth Morgan,

three days ago, I f found 8 larvas of the elephant hawk moth here in
Germany near Lake of Constance (coulered brown, not green)

The larvas are feeding of  "Epilobium spec"   or "Impatiens spec." .
They also are feeding of a garden-flower- plant called  "fuchsia".

Sorry, that I dont know the English common names of the plants.

The matter that the larva was "wandering around the beach " might
indicate that the larva is ready for pupation. In that case it will not need
any food . Put it into a glas or box with about 10-15cm soil  or -
better  - 15cm small pieces of paper (as used in citchens). The larve will
hide in the soil/paper to pupate  after some days.

If you want to have more information how to hadle the pupa , please
send an email to     Walter.Schoen at t-online.de

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