DR. JAMES ADAMS jadams at
Mon Jun 1 09:41:25 EDT 1998


      We all probably can give numerous accounts of places we once 
visited that are no longer viable for insects, other than lawn pests, 
etc.  When I was growing up in Liberty, Missouri, I frequently 
visited the grounds of William Jewell College, as there were some 
nice, semi-natural areas on the campus grounds where I could look for 
butterflies.  I collected my first Henry's Elfins (Incisalia henrici), 
my first Harvesters (Feniseca tarquinius) and American Coppers 
(Lycaena phlaes) at various places on campus.  The field where I 
caught the coppers is now a baseball diamond, the little grove of 
trees with trails where I caught the harvesters is now a nice 
mown-grass hillside, and the areas where I caught the Henry's Elfins 
are mostly cleared.  My mom reports only an occasional Henry's Elfin 
can be seen anymore.  As I said, this is one of many such experiences 
I can relate, and I feel a loss every time a favorite area is altered 
in the name of progress.



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