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Elizabeth Munger frontier at
Wed Jun 3 21:40:28 EDT 1998

Hello Alexandra-

When your fritillaries appear depends in part upon your location.  The
Audubon Field Guide to North American Butterflies" is a good reference.
contains range information, so you know  which  fritillaries are likely to
be seen
in your area; flight period, so that you know when they likely to occur as
well as
descriptions of the eggs, larvae, and chrysalises and adults.  There are
photos of some of the above which might help you find them on your plants.

I can tell you that I live in south Texas and there are Gulf Fritillary
eggs on my
passion vines and they are laid singly on the plant, so that they are not
easy to
see, but you will have no problems noticing the larvae!

Good Luck,


Elizabeth Munger
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