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> >Please tell me what type of butterfly would be represented in the days of
> Noah the Ark builder of the Old Testament of the Bible.  I am writting a
> paper for humanities class that will be an account of the building of the
> Ark as seen through the eyes of a caterpillar who changes into a butterfly.
>  This infomation would add some credibility to this fictional story.
> >William Butler
> >
>         It's probable that more than 99% of the actual butterflies and some
> already extinct species were around at Noah's time (But when was it
> exactly?). Then you must rely on his ability to collect more than 20,000
> species distributed worldwide (the real number may be even greater, as new
> species are discovered). He must have had enough room to bring their larval
> foodplants together, or else they would die much before the rain stopped (a
> butterfly doesn't live more than a few months). Well, that's a rough
> analisys for butterflies only, not accounting the other 5-40 million
> species of organisms on earth.
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The guy is retelling a myth. He needs a butterfly indigenous to the 
Tigris-Euphrates area, which is liable to flood. Give him  a break, 
Anne Kilmer
Sounth Florida

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