polyphemus luna mating

HeinzeDJAK heinzedjak at aol.com
Tue Jun 9 21:32:29 EDT 1998

As far as I know, there is some small chance of the poly/luna eggs hatching,
although in the case of the cynthia/promethea matings that are recorded most of
the matings were infertile (some were, though. . .).  
     On species in the same genus (i.e. H. cecropia; H columbia) the F1 hybrids
and all the rest are fertile, and, as far as I can glean from my books, fully
functional.  Maybe it is something like the dog and coyote???
     This isn't exactly 'fancying' a poly, but I have been working on seeing
how the silking of the petiole in polys is transmitted.  
     I would imagine all I've said here is repeating what you already know. . .
.. .


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