temperature sensitive?

Eric or Pat Metzler spruance at infinet.com
Mon Jun 15 11:10:31 EDT 1998


I've collected moths at bait in Ohio when the ambiant temperature was
below 32 F (I had a thermometer.).  I suspect that like everything else
it depends on the species and discussions that focus on generalizations
won't teach us very much.

Eric Metzler
Columbus OH

HeinzeDJAK wrote:
> Hi!
> Can't tell you much, but I might as well throw in my two cents.  I read
> somwhere that 45 degrees F and under was the lower limit on moth flight.  I had
> some experience mating moths this spring - males come readily to staked out
> females (polyphemus) when the temp is around 52 degrees F.
> Dar

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