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Paul Cherubini <paulcher at CONCENTRIC.NET> wrote in article
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> I don't have any precise information either, but I have made casual
> observations of alot of moth  flight activity in the high Sierra Nevada
> mountain range near Truckee, California (elevation 6400 feet)  of
> California on nights in June when the temperature is only 35-45 degrees
> F.  at 10-11 pm.
> It amazes me that even small moths are able to get themselved warmed up
> enough to fly at these temperatures. 
> Paul Cherubini, El Dorado, California
> paulcher at concentric.net
Please, can´t you stick to scientific measurment when you describe how low 
temperature it was? 
I have been collecting geometridae(Erannis marginaria and Alsophila
in the beginning of april when it was snowing and the temperature was -4 C.
(269 K)
Bengt Lindqvist
bengt.lindqvist at mbox303.swipnet.se

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