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Roger C. KENDRICK kendrick at
Thu Jun 18 04:50:21 EDT 1998

Hi Doug,

Given that certain members of the Galleriinae (Pyralidae) are associated with
Hymenoptera, could this be a possible lead?



Doug Yanega wrote:

> Just had a student bring me a tough one, and thought I'd ask around for
> people who can tackle it or suggest a reliable way I can do so. Seems that
> there is a type of lep larva making webs that run around the inner
> circumference of the entrances of bee nests, and the student studying the
> bees is looking for an ID. He has one adult now, forewings gray with
> fringes, and about 9 mm long, so it's a decent-sized microlep. But getting
> an ID to even family level is pretty much beyond me, so, do we have any
> microlep lovers on the list who might be able to help, or do I have to
> start tearing off wings, stripping scales, and praying that it's a family
> included in Borro & DeLong?

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