gypsy moth origin

Teri T teriann at
Fri Jun 19 22:07:09 EDT 1998

Potterkat--I've been hunting for the same information.  How odd....Since
I've found that they came into New Jersey in 1911 in an infested
shipment of plants.  Unfortunately, I need to know about their arrival
in contaminated plants that came to Massachusetts in that same year.  Is
there anyone out there who can give us an answer?

Potterkat1 wrote:
> I know that the gypsy moth was introduced by Leopold Trouvelot, but does anyone
> know of a second onslaught that came in on a contaminated plant shipment from
> Holland, Denmark, or Switzerland?  I need to know what country they came from.
> Sorry if this is more history than science, but thanks if you can help.
> Potterkat1

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