Coloration in Giant Swallowtail ?

Douglas Aguillard doug at
Mon Jun 22 18:28:18 EDT 1998

I live in San Diego, California, and have a question about coloration
in the Giant Swallowtail.

Giant Swallowtail is a relative newcomer to Southern California. From
time to time, I have notice a few individuals that are Black and
Yellow, instead of the normal Brown and Yellow. All of the books that
I have read state that the color should be Brown, not Black.  These
are otherwise normal Giant, and before its' starts, No they are not
Western Tiger or Anise. I have those too.

The Giants with black are normally being seen in my neighborhood on
almost a daily basis. Can anyone let me know if I am seeing something
unusual or just what it is I'm seeing.

Douglas Aguillard
San Diego, CA
doug at

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