Colias from Quebec

Kenelm Philip fnkwp at
Wed Jun 24 01:57:21 EDT 1998

	According to 'The Butterflies of Canada', by Layberry, Hall, and
Lafontaine, there are 7 species of _Colias_ in Quebec, as follows:

_C. philodice_ (yellow, females yellow or white)
_C. eurytheme_  (orange to yellow/orange, some white females)
_C. hecla_ (orange)
_C. nastes_ (green)
_C. pelidne_ (yellow, females yellow or white)
_C. interior_ (yellow with pronounced pink edges)
_C. palaeno_ (yellow, females usually white)

I suggest referring to a field guide to see which of the three (or four,
including yellow _eurytheme_) yellow ones you have, although the presence
of an orange spot would appear to rule out _palaeno_, and presumbly
_pelidne_ as well if the spot's on the DHW.

							Ken Philip
fnkwp at

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