Bacillus thuringiensis shelf life

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Fri Jun 26 07:15:59 EDT 1998

Bt is a toxic inclusion body produced by a strain of bacteria.  Outside
the bacterial host the inclusion body cannot/does not survive, reproduce
or otherwise persist.  It is sensitive to UV degredation.

Manufacture, I believe is accomplished through the use of Biotechnology to
incorporate the genes for inclusion body replication in profusely growing
bacterial cell lines (presumably E-coli).  The BT toxin is extracted and
then formulated into an insecticide.  The sprayed insecticide
(bioinsecticide) has inclusion bobies not living bacteria.  There are
numerous strains of Bt that are specific to host insect genera, orders etc
and therefore does not mass kill a broad spectrum of insects. 

There are instances of resistance to Bt occuring, usually on pests of
vegetable crops.

This has been a very safe product when used correctly-- check the LD50 of
table salt in comparison--you might be suprised!

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>You are not correct in this, it is highly destructive and will persist in soils
>for an unknown length of time.

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