perpetuating myths

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Mon Mar 9 09:06:46 EST 1998

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 <<	We now have a report of a free permit for collecting in Mexico.
 <<Before everyone plans to rush down there, note the following:
<< 	It's not a myth that Mexico charges high fees for permits. There
 <<is a recent loophole, however: a Mexican colleague can include you in a
 <<free permit, under the condition that a sizeable part of the take remains
 <<in Mexico. In the ornithogical world, the permit application must be made
 <<through the Mexican Embassy a few months in advance. A 'sizeable' part
 <<can be 60% of the catch.

Indeed, this is how I worked my permit.  I'm retaining only duplicate
specimens, and the  potential material that I could collect happened to
overlap nicely with an existing permit.  I was dealing directly with the
Instituto de Historia Natural, which happens to be the managing entity of El
Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, where I was going to be working anyway.  As long as
you are more inetersted in the information behind the dead bugs, and not
actually keeping the bugs yourself, this works fine.

John Shuey

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