Preventing "mold"

Entnem CTL Guest unknown at
Mon Mar 16 09:35:07 EST 1998

The problem is of course the high humidity in Florida and that your specimens
are probably not completely dry yet.  If you can't keep them in the air
conditioning then you need to make sure that they're completely dried out.  A
trick that works well in Florida is to put your specimens in your car and park
in the sun with the windows rolled up.  The oven like conditions will
completely dry your specimens inside a few hours.

Rob. Lowen

Andrew DeWeerd wrote:

> My son and I are very amatuer collectors (in Florida).  We really enjoy the
> hobby, but have found it almost impossible to keep our mounted specimens
> from "molding".  Usually about a month after they are mounted (just pins on
> corkboard), the specimen starts growing the fuzzies.
> Is there a way to keep this from happening?  Can butterflies and moths be
> mounted and kept nice?
> Thanks!
> Andrew DeWeerd

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