Chris Conlan, saturniid rearer?

Eric J. Olson eolson at
Mon Mar 16 15:41:38 EST 1998

I was recently told by the caretaker of the British Museum of Natural
History's database on the world's butterfly and moth host plants (its
quite useful by the way, see that a
fellow named Chris Conlan used to do quite a bit of saturniid rearing,
and he supplied the database with some host plant records.  Except for
the fact that Chris resides or once resided in the USA the caretaker did
not presently have an email or other information on him.  Excuse me if
Chris is a contributor to this news site, I am new here so have not had
a chance to see his name.  If anyone knows his email, please drop me a
line.  Thanks very much.

- Eric Olson

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