Butterflies of the Whetstones, SE Arizona

Hank Brodkin hankb at theriver.com
Sat Mar 21 23:48:55 EST 1998

Butterflies seen in French Joe Canyon in the Whetstone Mountains of
Cochise County, Arizona this date (21 March) included Papilio polyxenes
(Black Swallowtail), Anthocaris sara (Sara's Orangetip),  Southern
Dogface (Colias cesonia), Sleepy Orange (Eurema nicippe), Dainty Sulphur
(Nathalis iole), Celestrina argiolus (Common Blue aka Spring Azure),
Polygonia satyrus (Satyr Comma), Nymphalis antiopa (Mourning Cloak),
Vanessa cardui (Painted Lady), Vanessa atlanta (red Admiral), and
Erynnis funeralis (Funereal Duskywing).
There is a lot of water in the canyon this Spring and the days are
warming up.

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