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Just a comment:

Even standardising on common names within one country will not solve this
problem.  In the UK "Common Blue" refers to "Polymmatus icarus" (Different
species yet again ).  So it is a good idea to include the Latin Name in
addition to the common name.  Especially when posting to leps-l which
covers so many countries.

We like to hear the common names though. So much more homely :)

> Enjoyed the report of s.e. Az.  Always glad to hear how butterflying is
> progressing in other parts of the country.  Reading Hank's report,
> notice he also gives the scientific names, which is probably a good
> idea, especially if he had only put "Common Blue," without including
> argiolus.   In Colorado, many use "Common Blue" when referring to
> icarioides and think Washingtonians refer to something different for
> their "common blue."   To confuse things further the common blue in so.
> Cal. probably would be Marine or Acmon!  
> 	For those not aware of the tremendous service, a group of
> lepidopterists, in conjunction with NABA, settled on a standardized list
> of common names.  NABA published "The NABA Checklist & English Names of
> North American Butterflies."   While there have been other lists in the
> past, none have really taken hold as evidenced by the inconsistency  of
> names in the various older books.  Newer books, for the most part, are
> following this nomenclature.  The widely expanding annual Butterfly
> Counts have also started using this nomenclature, and will undoubtedly
> provide even more public acceptance.

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