Butterflies of Cyprus -Reply

Nick Greatorex-Davies NGD at WPO.NERC.AC.UK
Tue Mar 24 06:13:16 EST 1998

Dear Toby

There is a paper that was published in the Entomologist's Gazette which
you might find useful:

Parker, R. (1983). The Butterflies of Cyprus. Entomologist's Gazette,
34, 17-53.

It gives a checklist and distribution maps of all the species known in
Cyprus at that time.


Nick Greatorex-Davies
ITE Monks Wood
Cambs PE17 2LS

>>> Toby Austin <taustin1 at ford.com> 24/March/1998 10:32am >>>
Has anyone got or does anyone know, where to get a checklist or,
still, a field guide for the above? Thanks.

Toby Austin

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