Standardized Butterfly Names

Dr. James Adams jadams at
Mon Mar 30 10:40:34 EST 1998

Dear listers,

         As I have been cruising through the messages that built up 
from a few days off for parenting duties, I have been following the 
interesting thread, and replied once already, about the common name/ 
scientific name debate.  I feel a need to add just a little more.  

         As I said, I prefer the use of scientific names, though have 
no problem with common names.  I also do *not* consider myself an old 
timer (and hopefully, at my current age of 37, most of you would not 
consider me so, either), just an avid lepidopterist with an insatiable 
appetite for useful information.  Both names have their use, both 
collecting and watching have their utility.  Yes, I have done my 
share of collecting in my life, and scientific names have been a must 
for helping maintain some sort of order to the specimens collected.  
I have also enthusiastically contributed to projects like Jeff 
Glassberg's NABA publication that is being thrown around in this 
discussion.  There is no reason why both names shouldn't exist -- if 
a name has a use, then why not.  But be completely aware that there   
will *always* be disagreement no matter what name you use. 


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