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Douglas Aguillard doug at
Sat May 30 17:26:46 EDT 1998

Well the butterflies are flying around again, except they don't seem
to want to linger in my yard much. I have buddleias, marigolds,
pentos, sages, jupiter's beards and many other nectar producing
flowers in full bloom, but yet the butterflies seem to just flit over
the yard. The 3 species of Swallowtails, Mourning Cloaks, Red
Admirals, Painted Ladies, Skippers, and Cabbage Whites are not seeming
to take full advantage of the situation. Most flowers are in full sun,
with Fruit Trees offering shaded areas with tall grasses underneath.
There is also several rocky areas, and water attractions in the yard.
Does anyone know how to get these things to stick around.

Now for some information. I own a Listserv called SDBirds. It is open
to anyone that is interested in the Birds and Butterflies of the San
Diego & Imperial Counties of Southern California, and Baja California,
Mexico. So if your a birder or butterflier and are interested in this
area. You may contact me via E-Mail, and I will give you directions
for subscribing.

Thanks for the help in advance,
Douglas Aguillard
doug at

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