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Mark Walker mwalker at
Fri May 1 14:47:55 EDT 1998

Ernst Neering wrote:

(a lot of snipped stuff)

>I have more satisfaction in finding out about the ecology and biology of a
>species than in catching it. However I do catch insects but only to be able
>to have an identification linked to the other information about the
>I disagree about displaying and drooling over a specimen.

It is your opinion and you are entitled to it.  Your position should not be
imposed on others, however, any more than mine should be.  I still contend
that the insect world is better off with me than without me.

I, personally, get a lot of satisfaction and a lot of education from my
insect collecting pursuits.  I am also guilty of drooling (in awe) over my
mounted specimens, and don't feel too inclined to apologize for it.  I am
guilty of gasping at the site of mass puddling, of talking to the
butterflies as I engage with them in the wild (speaking of Doolittle, I
really should get back to work), and even of refusing to pursue a specimen
based on spontaneous compassion.

The reasons for the latter are numerous.  I remember a bizarre (mutant?)
Limenitis [Basilarchia] lorquini I saw in a meadow near 9000 ft. in
California one summer.  It was as big as a large Western Tiger Swallowtail.
It was nectaring in great contentment and would have been an easy netting.
But it was like a many-pointed buck.  Majestic while graceful, a king (or
queen) of the meadow.  I chose to let it be.

I don't drool over killing bugs.  But I do not feel guilty for hunting and
admiring them.

Mark Walker.
Castleton, VT

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