NE Pennsylvania

Mark Walker mwalker at
Fri May 1 16:47:54 EDT 1998

Why?  Because that's about as far as I can go on a one day's trip from
Vermont.  Up at 4:30 a.m., home by 7:30 p.m.

April 29, 1998.  Beautiful sunny day across the NE U.S.  Highs about 75
degrees F (24 C).  Lows were below freezing.  Hiking in Poconos and around
the Delaware River.


Pieris rapae  (50)
Colias philodice (1)
Colias eurytheme (2)

Callophrys [Incisalia] niphon (20)

Celastrina ladon (14) (a number were a bit dark and dull)

Polygonia comma (3)
Nymphalis antiopa (2)

Erynnis juvenalis (5)
Erynnis horatius (2)
Erynnis persius (2)

Papilio glaucus (1) (could've been canadensis)
Papilio troilus (1)

Have fun!

Mark Walker
Castleton, VT

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