NE Pennsylvania

Mark Walker mwalker at
Mon May 4 17:18:32 EDT 1998

Sorry Mike,

My ID was probably not accurate.  E. persius is the species I am familiar
with (from out West).  Based on location and what I've read of the complex,
the butterflies I saw were probably E. baptisiae (although the equally
uncommon E. lucilius apparently has been reported in the Poconos).  Note
that they were seen on the trail well into the forest, not near any road
clearing.  I did manage to bring one home, but I have not yet mounted it.
If you'd like, I can give you a better description after mounting.

Thanks for the heads up.

Mark Walker.

Mike Gochfeld wrote:

>I was fascinated by your Pocono adventure----particularly Erynnis
>persius.  There have been no documented records recently for NJ. How do
>you distinguish this from  E.baptisiae which has gotten to be abundant
>in northern and central NJ?

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