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>What does this mean?  Is it a chastisement for not answering your
>original query??  Just wondering.  You original query looked like this
>to all of us "scientists and specialists"
>      the   BUTTERFLY  nut
>Kinda doesn't tell you much.  I just remember thinking "what the hell
>kind of posting is that?" - and ignored it - as I'm sure most members
>did.  But, I'm glad you found what you were looking for.  I'm sure you
>learned alot more than you would have had someone "told you the answer"
>Mike Soukup
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I too wondered what the original poster actually wanted.  Having seen
a number of postings now, I am still unsure.  However, it is not
making me feel well-disposed to webtv posters.  Honestly, I tried to
suspend my predjudices about webtv etc., but when you are confronted
with a number of illiterate posts in a mishmash of caps and lowercase
fonts, what can you conclude....


Dave & Tish
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