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Mark Walker mwalker at
Wed May 20 10:50:25 EDT 1998

I've decided that posting to the list actually helps me record emergences
here in Vermont, so if you don't mind I'll fill your mailbox with yet

Out on Monday, May 18 on the shores of Lake Champlain:

Glaucopsyche lygdamus    >100
Phyciodes cocyta (or tharos)    1 (first)
Callophrys [Mitoura] gryneus    3 (first)
(appears to be a nice colony living in amongst both juniper and red cedar)
Celastrina ladon    8
Coenonympha tullia    1 (first)
Erynnis juvenalis    6
Papilio polyxenes    1

On Tuesday, May 19 in the Green Mountains near Bristol:

Papilio canadensis    > 40
Pieris oleracea    8 (getting a bit tired)
Celastrina lucia    32
Nymphalis antiopa    1
Vanessa virginiensis    1
Erynnis icelus    26 (first)
Amblyscirtes hegon (or another)    1 (first folded-wing)

No Erora laeta.  Weather seems perfect, and the other species coincide with
previous emergence dates.  I'll keep looking.

Mark Walker
Castleton, VT

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