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> Hi,
> can anybody help me with some pointers on the Agria butterflies.
> My 8 year old daughter liked a picture of an Agrias so much that
> she chose it as her first major science research project. The
> problem is that she can't find very much more than the occasional
> picture of an Agrias in books on butterflies.
> If anybody knows anything about these butterflies (physiology,
> habitat, food, distinguishing characteristics, etc.) we would
> love to hear about it. Pointers to specific websites or
> recommendations for books would be great too.
> Thanks for your help. Cheers,
> e2.

THE GENUS AGRIAS, by Paul E. Barselou ) 1983 Sciences Nat.
ISBN 2-85724-024-4

There are other sources which have whole sections on them,(i.e.
MACROLEPIDOPTERA, or D'Albrera) but they are 100 years old or are hundreds
of dollars.

They are amongst the most beautiful butterflies in the world.  They are
also some of the most elusive and are very fast and powerful fliers.  I
used to find them in Peru (They are butterflies of the the virgin
rainforest in the New World Tropics - from southern Mexico into northern
Argentina.)  Generally they stay in the top of the rainforest canopy, but
will come down to the ground in a sunny opening in the forest to really
foul smelling baits -- rotting fruit and droppings from a meat eating

My samples of Agrias went to the book's author many years ago, but I do
have photos and recollections of seeing them in the wild.  Let me know if
I can help.


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