A few more seasonal firsts

Mark Walker mwalker at aisvt.bfg.com
Wed May 27 09:40:42 EDT 1998

I spent the long weekend up in Maine, where the weather was blustery and
overcast most of the time.  I did get out a bit on Monday in the Bangor
area, where I was pleased to find a lone migrant Danaus plexippus.  Pretty
far North for this time of the year, I'd guess.  I've yet to see one in
Vermont this season.  Also out in the marshes were many Boloria selene
(Silver-Bordered Fritillary).  I saw Poanes hobomok and Amblyscirtes hegon
as well.

On my drive home from Vergennes, VT., last night, I smacked into a freshly
emerged Limenitis [Basilarchia] arthemis [astyanax], the first of the year.
Most of the individuals up here are hybrids, with a great variety in
appearance.  Stunning when fresh.  I've yet to see one with any red spotting
on the upper side (hindwing or forewing).  Most have large white bands on
both fore and hindwings, upper and under, although bandless individuals are
common enough.

The transition zone here makes for some interesting phylogeny.  It also
renders classification a bit more challenging.  Comments?

Mark Walker
Castleton, VT

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