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Thu May 28 12:48:12 EDT 1998

Hello Gene - I didn't think you were out of place in posting your message;
even though, it was a bit frequent. It reminds me of a posting a few years
ago by  "first grader" that wanted to know 'where butterflies went when it
rained?' - Is there anyone out there that remembers how this elicited about
the same response ? Many subscribers thought it an inappropriate posting
for this discussion group; others found it a good intellectual challenge...

>> GENE moore wrote in message <6k87gn$glq$1 at>...
>> In the past i have ask for and have recieved butterfly pictures .but
>> have been told this site is to be used for professional  answers and
>> questions so i would like to apoligize fo all for my useing it  in the
>> matter i have .i just a 75+ senor  computer illiterate that has been at
>> this with my webtv and printer for only 5 months. SORRY

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