identification for a butterfly

serge Brosseau serge3 at
Sun May 24 20:42:29 EDT 1998

I need some informations.
I found a butterfly in my garden.  I never saw something like that, and i
lived in that region for 22 years.  It's like a little fearie.  If someone
can help me identify that butterfly, i will be very grateful.

I saw it two consecutives nights.  It's green with four littles brown
rounds, like children's picture.  it's about 10 to 12 centimetre long.

thanks in advance
My adresse e-mail is
serge3 at
If possible, send me information to my adress, because i'm not a regular
user of this newsgroup.
 Priscilla Boyer
(sorry for my english, i'm french.)

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