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I don't remember who else said it in this thread, but I think the bottom
line is that this is an issue of choice.  If I remember correctly, this
thread was started when someone asked a question regarding if they should be
concerned with using bug strips instead of moth balls.  I guess there is no
_answer_ to this question after all, only opinions - any of which might be
subjectively valid.

Personally, I am only a little bit worried about using vapona in my insect
drawers - and not enough to stop using it.  I operated nuclear reactor
plants for 6 years, and wasn't too concerned about that either.  I'm one of
those wierdos that thinks that worrying about stuff is far more

But then again, so was Steve McQueen...

Mark Walker.

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> > > Concentrating on the amount that it would take to kill misses one
> important
> > > point. Under health effects is listed Cholinesterase inhibition.
> > > One possible effect of cholinesterase inhibition is depression.
> > 
> > Insecticide (and pharmaceutical) companies spend millions of dollars
> > establishing health information such as the "No Effect Level" of
> > chemical exposure. Then they establish application and esposure rates
> > far below this level in order to build in a huge safety factor that
> > takes into account how different people may respond differently to
> > exposure.
> > 
> > In the case of Vapona, the application rate specified on the label is
> > 100 times below the established No Effect Level (in regard to
> > cholinesterase inhibition). In plain english, cholinesterase inhibition
> > will not occur unless people are exposed to large, continual, illegal 
> > overdoses of the chemical.
> > 
> Aren't we also missing the point that we would be exposed to this
> concentration only if we were using the strips as indicated, ie. hanging
> around the room, when in fact we have them inside relatively airtight,
> closed boxes?
> The amount of exposure would be many times smaller than the concentration
> these strips are designed to be used at, and thus even less dangerous, if
> they're dangerous at all.
> I myself believe it's far more dangerous to sit in front of the computer
> and write this message down.
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