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>>>>Dear colleagues,
>>>>This morning I returned from the business trip to St.Petersburg,
>>>>where I learned very sad news. Prof. Vladimir Kuznetzov, whom you
>>>>all know as one of the leading leafroller taxonomists and
>>>>morphologist, requires an urgent surgery. Although it was
>>>>declared that the health insurance in Russia covers all medical
>>>>expenses, in practical terms patients are required to pay larger
>>>>part of expenses themselves.
>>>>The surgery needed by Prof. Kuznetzov costs 10,000 RUB which is
>>>>recently equivalent 600 US$. On the other side, this sum exceeds
>>>>the annual income of Prof. Kuznetzov, and he has no possibility
>>>>to allocate this sum in a meantime.
>>>>May I suggest that we help to Prof. Kuznetzov by collecting this
>>>>sum among western lepidopterologists? I contribute 50 US$, and
>>>>I really hope you will find an opportunity to help to save the
>>>>life of Prof. Kuznetzov by donating some minor sum of money.
>>>>Actually, the need in a collective action is explained not by the
>>>>amount of money (which is really small for us) but by the ethical
>>>>reasons - Prof. Kuznetzov will never accept the donation of the
>>>>entire sum from the one person.
>>>>And, what is even more important, could you kindly write to Prof.
>>>>Kuznetzov a couple of words of support - he is in a very
>>>>difficult situation now, and it would help him very much if you
>>>>give him a feeling that you remember him and you are awaiting
>>>>publications of his recent results or something like that.
>>>>Some practical details. The simplest way for you is just mail
>>>>cash along with a couple of words addressed to Prof. Kuznetzov
>>>>to my address (Mikhail Kozlov, Section of Ecology, University of
>>>>Turku, FIN-20014 Turku, Finland), and I will arrange delivery of
>>>>collected money and letters to Russia. We are in a hurry, because
>>>>delayed surgery may appear less efficient. I will have an
>>>>opportunity to send a courier to Prof. Kuznetzov in 7-10 days,
>>>>thus your prompt response would be extremely helpful.
>>>>You will see from the address list the names of the recipient of
>>>>the current letter. In case you believe that somebody else will
>>>>be willing to help, please circulate this message.
>>>>With very best regards, MikhailMikhail V. Kozlov
>>>>Laboratory of Ecological Zoology, University of Turku, FIN-20014 Turku,
>>>>+358-2-3335492 phone, +358-2-3336550 fax
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