Undet. Papilionid from Rio Grande Valley, TX

DR. JAMES ADAMS jadams at Carpet.dalton.peachnet.edu
Mon Nov 2 19:40:02 EST 1998

Dear Listers,

        I must admit that I find myself in agreement (on most 
philosophical matters) much more frequently with Anne Kilmer than 
Mark Walker, and yet I must agree in this case with Mark.  (Sorry, 
Anne, I hope I haven't destroyed your image of me!)  Rarity is 
certainly relative, and has a lot more to do with habitat destruction 
than collecting.  PLEASE!!  Don't take this as an invitation to start 
that old collecting vs. not debate.  I just don't think it's 
*criminal* to take a specimen, especially one like this that's a 
stray and undoubtedly outlived it's reproductive potential.  I think 
Mike mentioned that it was a roadkill anyway.  I find it admirable 
that someone would actually pick up a specimen like this and bring it 
to the attention of someone who can find out appropriate information 
about it.  I'll stop wasting people's money with my drivel . . . 


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