Undet. Papilionid from Rio Grande Valley, TX

Alexei G. Belik belik at fannet.ru
Tue Nov 3 16:52:00 EST 1998

Dear friends and colleagues:

I see that my previous posting, too emotional and somewhat impolite,
has the considerable resonance. So I shall attempt to reply to
all in this single message.

First, my apology to Mr. Quinn: Mike, please excuse my angry words!

Further, I'm sorry that my English is far from the perfection, and yet 
I too poor formulated my idea in the the last paragraph of my previous 
posting, so a lot of people (Nigel V., David Albaugh, Mark Walker...) 
have got the wrong impression that I argued against of asking of the 
Lepidoptera-related questions on this List. 
No, thousand times, no!  This List is specially
designed to discuss any Lepidoptera-related topics. I strongly object
only against of sending of the large attachments via the List. Sometimes
it is especially annoying because some data cannot pass through the
LEPS-L's server in the intact form, so we are getting only the mess of
letters instead of image...

David Albaugh wrote:

> Just because some people's
> systems can't handle pictures or it costs them money to receive images
> the whole list has to suffer? Maybe these people shouldn't be on these
> lists in the first place.

David, and others with the same position: let's remember 
about those who are living outside the US. Nobody will 
suffer if images will be sent privately only to interested
persons. This is not my fault that I'm living in this unfortunate
country, and this is not my fault that our local telephone 
station was built, apparently, in the Prediluvian times. 
So, having the speedy 33,6 Sportster modem, 
often I have only 1200 bit/s connection, 
which may break every 30 seconds, in addition! This sounds
impossible for you, I realize, but just try to
imagine yourself on my place and you'll understand why my previous 
posting was so emotional. You'll so angry that will wish to 
throw your computer away from the ninth floor or to kick it 
with the hammer, or something of that kind (once I "killed" my
poor, good old mouse...) and of course at that moment you'll 
hate that guy who has sent that damned 200 K message, 
which you fail to download after twentieth attempt
(and must to pay for the traffic of these failed attempts, 
in addition). 

After all, LEPS-List is one of the few channels that connects 
me with the outside Lepidoptera-related world, I've got many new 
friends via the List (who, if read this message, may be will forgive 
my more than two-monthly silence caused by the situation in 
my country), and I do not want to cut this channel off.


Alexei Belik

Alexei G. Belik
Saratov, Russia
e-mail: belik at fannet.ru

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