Lep adventures in Zimbabwe

Justin O Schmidt joschmid at U.Arizona.EDU
Wed Nov 4 11:53:24 EST 1998

Hi All,
	I just got back from Africa and had some wonderful experiences.
Good contacts and facilities outside of major cites or South Africa
 are scarce and/or expensive.  But I discovered an absolutely wonderfully
helpful lepidopterist in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  Bulawayo is an old
established mid-sized city with a long history of having outstanding
natural historians in a wonderfully diverse environmental situation.  I,
myself, am primarily a hymenopterist (no nasty comments, please), but do
dabble in leps and that is how I discovered Michael Gardiner.  He is
probably the most knowledgeable amateur I have ever run into and knows the
lep fauna and where and when to spot them from Sudan to South Africa, and
east to West (except the traditional West African region).  But more
importantly, he and his wife are the most gracious hosts we found.  They
were an absolute delight to stay with for three days and they pointed me
in the right directions to make real killings (i.e. successes) in my ant
and wasp research.  I appreciated that because I had been coming up dry
	Michael and Wendy just informed me that they had completed their
new guest house that they are making available for visiting scholars, and
particularly hope to encourage lepidopterists.  It is a 3 bedroom house
with a lounge/dining room, kitchen, bathroom, separate toilet in another
location, and is fully furnished.  It can be catered, as a bed and
breakfast, or on its own.  In addition, it is in the middle of an acre of
gardens designed for attracting butterflies and insects.  They have some
scientific equipment that can be used, including a microscope.  Price very
good -- about US$ 300 for a month..  
	Sorry to go on so long.  If interested contact: Michael and Wendy
Gardiner, P. O. Box 1220, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, or me for more info.  Happy


Justin Schmidt
joschmid at u.arizona.edu

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