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Doug Yanega dyanega at
Sat Nov 7 18:33:33 EST 1998

Since this kind of thing happens often, I'll give another mini-tutorial, as
this example is instructive:

>The sender isn't identified, which is rude, and the message is unintelligible.

Actually, the sender gives his web page, which means he can be nailed
DIRECTLY to the wall by complaining (POLITELY) to his web provider.

Just use WHOIS (a link is on my homepage under "anti-spam tools") and you
discover the following:

You have requested information on

WhoWhere? Inc. (ANGELFIRE6-DOM)
1675 N. Shoreline Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94041


Administrative Contact:
dns-admin (DN387-ORG) dns-admin at WHOWHERE.COM
(650) 938-4400 (x.116)
Fax- (650) 938-4700

And there you have it. Whowhere is a reputable outfit, so they'll probably
be sympathetic. Simply forward a copy of the spam, with ALL the headers
(you didn't have them all), and ask the administrator whether they have a
policy against spam at, and if so, could they do something
about this particular user. That web page will get shut down soon enough,
assuming enough complaints are received.


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