Sphingidae Questions

Tuttle jtuttle at fiaaz.net
Tue Nov 10 09:53:20 EST 1998

This request for information is addressed to all of you except JIM BROCK
(for the rest of you, the singling out of Jim is a standing joke):

#1 Does anyone have PERSONAL experience rearing Sphinx canadensis on
anything but black ash (Fraxinus nigra) or Sphinx franckii on anything
but ash (Fraxinus sp.)? I am trying to eliminate the perpetuation of
unreliable historical information. I have done detailed literature and
database searches and I know that other larval foodplants are mentioned
but I am only interested in personal observations.

#2 Does anyone know of specimens of Sphinx luscitiosa from the Yukon or
Alaska? There are isolated references without specific data and I am
trying to run down the specimens. I would be interested in the data from
specific specimens and where those specimens are housed, or literature
cites, unknown to me, that offer exact collecting data.

I appreciate your help with each of these inqueries.

Jim Tuttle
jtuttle at fiaaz.net

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