UV-light and moths

MKJ jantsa at sci.fi
Sat Nov 14 11:50:22 EST 1998

To what kind of theory the luring effect of the UV-light is based on?

One theory I have heard is that the moths are escaping when they are
disturbed by predators/or somenthing else to the direction of the most
effective UV-light source. In the nature it is normally up which means
direction of sky. Also it seems that moths are navigating thru the forrest
using the sky (UV-source) it means to them "free way".

The ozone hole lets more UV-light go thru the athmosphere, so this pheomena
should make the UV-light trap less effective because there is now more UV-light
in the sky. Or could the effect be opposite to this. I have notified that
some moths come to smell traps (no lights) with larger numbers when the 
sky is clear for a short moment. If the sky is clear all night long
the temperature is lower which reduces flight activity.

Any observations?

Try me.



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