Late Ontario Skipper Report

Donald A. Davis donald.davis at
Wed Nov 18 13:32:48 EST 1998

Alan Wormington reports finding a fiery skipper at Point Pelee National
Park on November 9th.

Too bad the Ontario butterfly season is just about over. As you may
know, the strong westerly wind storm we experienced last Tuesday out of
the U.S. midwest blew all sorts of rare birds into our area. Franklin's
gulls are  still all being found all over Ontario, including Presqu'ile
Provincial Park. Presqu'ile also has a Ross' goose, mountain bluebird
and in the town of Brighton, a Harris' sparrow.

Hamilton area had gannet, avocet and so on. A birder's delight! Can you
imagine the butterfly or moth species might have been blown into our

Don Davis
Toronto, ON

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