ID of caterpillars in Jordan

Nick Greatorex-Davies NGD at WPO.NERC.AC.UK
Thu Nov 19 06:44:00 EST 1998

Dear Lep listers

I received the following request for information from a friend. Can anyone give him an answer?

"...when I was in Jordan back in April there
were large numbers of caterpillars feeding on Asphodelus.  The caterpillars
were sort of green and black with a 'spine' on their rear which ejected
fluid when they were disturbed.  As you know, I am certainly not an
entomologist but I think these might be the caterpillars of the hawks head
moth.  Do you have any thoughts on this;/  also how toxic is the stuff they
shoot out of the projection on their rear!?:"

I will pass on any reponses I receive.

Thanks for your time

Nick Greatorex-Davies
ITE Monks Wood
n.greatorex-davies at

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