Creation of newsgroup uk.rec.lepidoptera

A.P.K.Torry apktorry at
Tue Nov 24 04:07:07 EST 1998

WOW - Me and Neil Jones actually agree about something - someone light a
firework or something.

I find myself in the strange position of actually agreeing with Neil Jones'
 on this one.

Whilst it would be nice to have a UK only group, I must admit to being
slightly peeved that nearly 70% of the volume on the s.b.e.l/leps-l is US
based, it makes no sense to dissect the leps community at root level.
A few minutes playing with ones News-Reader or E-Mail program and learning
how to use it properly, will enable one to filter out all the 'noise' (That
is a technical term for unwanted traffic - not an insult you understand)
from the states if you are not interested in it.

I have resisted the temptation, so far, to put filters on our US cousins
(It is easy enough to filter out all the messages from the US readers) ,
and leave myself with just UK and European based information, but then I
might miss something of global interest.

No far better to stick with s.b.e.l and the leps-l gate and leave it up to
individuals to make their own judgements.

Andrew T

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