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I am cross posting this to so that they can follow
my points. Those of you there would be advised to look at to follow the debate.
Cross posts get weeded out by the leps-l gateway. If you look there you
will see that the majority of lepidopterists posting are against the
formation of a new group. In fact there has been a flurry of posts 
crossing the gateway from the listserver.

> I think I would have to agree with Chris on this one, having been
> subscribed to leps-list and/or sci.ent.lep for a while, there doesn't seem
> to be the volume of UK only traffic to justify having yet another mailing
> list to keep track of.  If there is something that may be of interest, even
> to people in County Durham in the uk, post it, I dont really think you need
> worry about using up bandwidth etc.  We get postings on the list from
> enthusiasts in the US listing things in their back gardens, most of which
> mean nothing to me here in the UK, though I am always interested in the
> bits about the species I do know about (ie something went past recently
> about the US foodplants for V.atalanta).  However, I wouldn't say put these
> on a US only list, firstly because many lep species are multinational and
> secondly, there aren't that many of us entomologists about, so any contact
> is useful.
> One of my regular niggles here in the uk is that recordsand information 
> for various species are scattered all over the place and are difficult to
> track down.   Also, not being a "full time" lep enthusiast, I dont know
> that the Speckled Wood butterfly (P.aegeria) is uncommon down you way, if I
> saw one I would probably put a record into my RECORDER system but would not
> think to tell anyone about it, however, now I have seen you post I could 
> let someone konw about it.  Posting you message to as wide an entomological
> audience as possible wont hurt, and those who dont want to read it can
> always delete it .  Overall, I think that having a UK only listing is a
> poor idea, it would only make us (appear?) more insular than is nessassary.
> Matt
> Matthew Smith
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