lep-ing around the UK and the world

Laurel Godley godley at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 25 13:16:56 EST 1998

If we are all still "voting," I for one like the international flavor of 
the leps-l list.  I live here in California but enjoy receiving info 
from lep-ers around the world, especially as I would love to visit most 
of these places.  The UK is right up there on the tops of my list.  
Gotta go see the pub my great, great grandfather built in Brighton!  
I've gotten in the habit of contacting people in my host country to show 
me the lep-routes.  It's been great.  I highly recommend this to anyone 
who loves leps and plans to travel.  So far everyone I have had the 
pleasure to introduce myself to and meet from this list has been 
wonderfully kind and helpful.  Thank you all.  So I for one vote for 
keeping a global perspective.


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