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I couldn't put it any better Anne. As usual a well composed contribution.
It must be in your genes. :-)

It seems that a lot of other regular contributors to sci.b.e.l/Leps-l 
do not want this new group either.

I agree Sci.b.e.l/leps-l is a very different in that because of the
listserver/usenet connection it brings more and different people together.

> I enjoy the UK postings, although my Irish house is in the Republic, so
> gee, I guess I wouldn't be welcome. (Kidding, I'm kidding, I had a
> wonderful time exploring the North of Ireland with some British
> Butterfliers a few years ago. Butterflies don't seem to notice those
> borders. 
>         What I hear people saying here is that we'd love to hear whatever these
> guys are saying, are afraid that if they go off and chat privately we'll
> miss something interesting, and hope that at least they will post us
> copies of everything they say among themselves. This is because, as
> world citizens, we are attached to them. 
> We're all involved in conservation, habitat preservation etc., each in
> our own way, and by comparing notes we can fine-tune our techniques.
> Persuading people to be kind to bugs is a difficult task, and
> butterflies can be a way to soften hard hearts. 
>         Where I live, in South Florida, the nurseries advertise butterfly
> plants; they're for sale in Home Depot, labeled as such. (Right next to
> the bug poisons, I have no doubt. But it's a start.)
>            The schools all have environmental gardens, native plants are widely
> used, and bug spray is not used... or so I'm told. Well, there are those
> fire ants ... 
>         It helps me, in this endless battle, to get the wise advice of friends
> in the UK who are in the same war. If we all go off and wage our private
> wars, consulting only with the  folks nearby, we may win our own fight,
> while the sky falls all around us. 
>         Besides, wasn't it the Brits, with their passion for clean green lawns,
> that got us into this chemical disorder? ;) Maybe they'll have an idea
> that will extract us. Rent-a-sheep instead of a lawn service ... 
>         As for Sci-bio-homoptera, I have been lurking there for a while hoping
> to find out what a homopteran is, as I am too lazy to look it up. I see
> no evidence that anybody posting there has the faintest idea either.  
> Oh, I looked it up. aphids and stuff. Ah yes, it all comes back to me.
> Anyway, people who really want to chat about them hang out at entomo-l
> and, as you suggest, at sci-bio-entomology-misc. 
>         Any grouping that separates amateurs from professionals also destroys
> the whole point here, doesn't it? The profs need the raw data; the
> amateurs collect it, and there we are. and everything in the garden is
> lovely. 
> Cheers
> Anne Kilmer
> South Florida

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"At some point I had to stand up and be counted. Who speaks for the
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