Thanksgiving Leps

Mike Quinn mqnature at
Thu Nov 26 18:06:59 EST 1998

TX. Hidalgo Co., Donna, 26 - XI - 1998

Thanksgiving Day Yard Butterflies

2 Red-bordered Pixies
1 Soldier
1 White-patched Skipper
3 Texan Crescents
1 Laviana White-Skipper
3 Great Southern Whites
2 Whirlabouts
2 Southern Broken-Dashs
5 Queens (2 mating)
1 Brown Longtail
1 Dorantes Longtail
1 Long-tailed Skipper
1 Little Yellow
10 White Peacocks
3 American Snouts
3 Clouded Skippers
2 Monarchs
1 Large Orange Sulphur
10 Gulf Fritillaries
2 Fiery Skippers

If "winter" comes, it usually only lasts for a few hours down here. Mike

>Since it is Thanksgiving here in the US I, for one, am thankful that I
>live in a climate (Dallas, Texas) that offers temps in the mid-upper
>70's at the end of November.  Flying in my backyard right now are at
>least a half dozen Agraulus vanillae (Gulf Fritillaries), a lone Eurema
>lisa (Little Sulphur), two Phoebis sennae (Cloudless Sulphur), one
>Danaus plexippus (Monarch) and a rather unusual sighting even for Dallas
>at this time of year - a male Papilio cresphontes (Giant Swallowtail).
>May winter never come.
>Dale Clark
>10142 Estacado Drive
>Dallas, TX  75228

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